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Backup for home data

Every now and then someone asks me about a backup strategy for home, this is my current recommendation. I suggest you investigate what's suitable for your own environment before making decisions.

Macrium reflect free: Full *system* backup, install and run this periodically even if only once when you get a new PC and its fully setup. This allows you to go back to a working state if you get virused or you have a hard drive failure or a bad windows update.
Cost $free

Make sure you make a "rescue disk" on a USB thumb drive when you install the software

Backblaze: Continuous backup of all^ *data* files to the internet for off-site cloud/internet storage. Unlimited storage
Cost US$70 per year


  • May not be suitable if you don't have good internet
  • May not be suitable if you don't have unlimited internet
  • Doesn't keep "versions" (at the base cost)
  • Backups files only stored for 30 days after deletion
  • ^Check that it *IS* including that weird folder location that your [insert weird software product name here] is using
  • Hint: Make an automated copy of all your data to one "always-on" PC in the house and you can back up an unlimited number of PC's

Remember all PC's will fail eventually, there is a good chance that you will eventually lose all your data if you don't have some strategy in place.

saving all your data on an external hard drive is NOT a backup. That's just data on an external drive, which is arguably more susceptible to failing that your actual PC. A backup is a second copy of your data.

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