Setup a new user in MYOB account right (online):

Open MYOB as an administrator (you may already be an administrator) click setup then user access (see 1 and 2 below)

Myob New User setup 1

Click on add user (see 3 below) Enter the users name their email address and their access level (see 4, 5, and 6 below), click on save and invite user (see 7 below)


When the user receives the invitation they need to setup their MYOB online account (username and password etc) and then install the software via the link in the invitation.

MYOB requires that you be an administrator [on your computer] to install the software (yes I know breaking all the rules of good security) the best way to do this is to temporarily add the user to the local administrators group and remove after (will require a user logoff/logon to make the change). Do NOT use the Windows user account control (UAC) popup and enter credentials there.

Full details and a video here:


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