(See also the “don’t forget list” when buying a new desktop")

[This list was writen in in 2016 and is well overdue for a rewrite]

This is a short list consider it a work in progress.

Starting questions:
  • Screen size?
  • Size/weight
  • Are you sure you don’t want a 2-in-1 or convertible Windows tablet/slate/PC?
  • 8GB memory or more
  • SSD hard drive (unless you have a reason not to)
  • USB3 if you’re looking to use a docking station
  • What’s the battery life?
  • Do you want touchscreen?
  • Do you need a DVD/Blu-ray drive?
  • Do you need a physical network cable socket, or is just Wi-Fi OK?
  • SSD hard drive for speed or traditional drive for capacity? (or 2 hard drives for both)
  • Does it come standard with onsite warranty so you don’t need to send away for weeks if it breaks?
  • What monitor connector do you need? (for your external monitor, projector or other)
  • Does it come with Windows Pro version? Do you need that?
  • What about a [universal] docking station
  • External mouse, wireless? Bluetooth?
  • Antivirus software
  • MS office (home and business edition?)
  • External Monitor, keyboard and mouse for ergonomic desktop use (plus a monitor stand or 2)
  • Do you need an extra power pack?
  • Carry bag for protection
Finally, setup:

Although you certainly can set things up yourself decisions like using OneDrive as the default save location, logging on with a local account vs a domain account vs a Microsoft account vs a domain account with a Microsoft account attached might require some good advice and assistance to have a good experience from the start.

For example it’s a good idea to remove unnecessary “crapware” software that the manufacturer got paid to put on there and installing a full set of standard software products like PDF tools (without getting tricked into installing something that will be unhelpful), and common windows store apps etc.

This blog post has been provided for the benefit of digitalwelcomemat IT customers. Treat this information as informative only and do not take actions or make decisions on the basis of the information contained here. All IT decisions and actions should be made after consultation with your chosen IT professional taking into account all the of the relevant factors.


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